I’m Back

It has been a while.

I started writing up my 2019 trip to Paris and Italy and then I stopped. Life got in the way, I finished my degree and graduated, started more study, stopped when my kids needed me, procrastinated through covid shutdowns, procrastinated more about how to make room on here for the next lot of photos and now it is 2021 and I still haven’t done it.

So, decided today to get the text done before I totally forget what I did and I’ll deal with the photos later.

These posts will be more text heavy than usual until I can find the time to deal with the photos and my storage limit on here.

I normally end a trip with a summary post but I am going to restart with one this time.

I took this trip mid 2019, I had just finished two very heavy law subjects and had a few weeks free before starting my final semester. I had wanted to return to Paris since my first visit so started there, but the rest of the trip was in Italy, planned around making sure I got to Matera, a city that had been on my list for a long time, but was a bit hard to get to, so needed to be planned around.

The details

Paris 5 nights

Bologna 2 nights

Ostuni 4 nights

Matera 3 nights

Salerno 3 nights

Rome 5 nights

Bookended with cities I had been to before, with 3 new cities in the middle. Yes, I returned to Bologna just for the food.

Now to get back to that first day in Paris…

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