Welcome to my Travel Musings

Below was my original introduction to this blog. Since Greece in 2017 I have been back to Europe in May 2018 to visit Germany, Italy, France and Spain. In June 2019 I visited Paris and Italy, still working on writing those up. And I finished my law degree! I hope you enjoy the ride! I... Continue Reading →

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Paris Day 2

Finally writing up my 2019 trip Up bright and early again on my second full day in Paris. I have probably already mentioned how much I love the Paris Metro, but it really is awesome. In no time I made it from my hotel in the 9th arrondissement to the area near the Eiffel Tower.... Continue Reading →

A Concert in Sainte Chapelle

Finally writing up my 2019 trip OMGNot only did I visit Sainte Chapelle, one of the most beautiful buildings in Paris, for the second time, I also experienced a concert of classical music while sitting and staring at the incredible stained glass, as it changed appearance as the sun went down. This is bucket list... Continue Reading →

An Afternoon in Paris

Finally writing up my 2019 trip. After a bit of a rest back in my room I headed back, via the metro, to the Seine. First stop was Ile Saint Louis, one of the two islands in the Seine. It is a lovely relaxed neighborhood, full of gorgeous shops and cafes Here I just wandered... Continue Reading →

Bakery Tour in Paris

Finally writing up my 2019 trip On my first trip to Paris I 'did' all the big things so when planning this trip I could devote some time to my two favorite things, photography and food. I had three food experiences booked and the first one was on the first morning, in the Marais district.... Continue Reading →

I’m Back

It has been a while. I started writing up my 2019 trip to Paris and Italy and then I stopped. Life got in the way, I finished my degree and graduated, started more study, stopped when my kids needed me, procrastinated through covid shutdowns, procrastinated more about how to make room on here for the... Continue Reading →

First Morning in Paris

This was my second trip to Paris. In 2014 I visited Europe for the first time, and Paris was my first stop. I researched. I had lists. I ticked off those lists like the completion freak I am. I had a great time but I hadn't really stopped to smell the roses enough and I... Continue Reading →

Europe 2019: I’m off to Paris

Flying economy to Europe from Australia never gets enjoyable. Arriving in Europe from Australia is always enjoyable. One requires the other. Grinning and bearing it, the order of the day. Or days, as the case may be. I live a couple of hours from my nearest international airport. Our train service makes me weep every... Continue Reading →

Oops I’m doing it again

With apologies to Britney Spears... I seem to have fallen into a habit of a three week trip to Europe each year. Some habits are too good to break! This year it will be June 9 when I hit the skies and tolerate the 24 hours of economy class flying required to continue my love... Continue Reading →

A Year Ago Today

... I started this blog. Just over a week after my father passed away I was looking for an outlet, an escape. Having recently returned from Greece I decided to start writing about my travels. It proved to be very helpful and I now also have a fabulous collection of travel memories to look back... Continue Reading →

Back to Other Things

Well that is it from me for a while. I still have some old trips to catch up on blogging but for the next few months study beckons. I don't think that property law would make for very interesting posts so I will spare you the pain. All of the photos on my Europe 2018... Continue Reading →

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