A Day in Annecy from Lyon

Another early start in Lyon, this time to catch a bus to Annecy. Whereas yesterday I headed south to Avignon, today it was due East. Annecy is actually closer to Geneva than Lyon so the Swiss influence is strong there.

But first, pastries.


In less than 2 hours I was in Annecy from Lyon. The bus was comfortable and clean. After arriving I walked to the historic centre and the first thing I encountered was a street market. European street markets are one of the best things about Europe. They are a smorgasbord of fabulous fresh produce that make you wish you had a home and a kitchen right there to take a basket-full home to.


Then I took some time to further explore this beautiful heart of Annecy.


Lunch was tartiflette, a delicious Swiss influenced potato dish topped with reblochon cheese.


Annecy sits on the banks of a lake, Lake Annecy. While the weather was still good the lake was full of water sports and tour boats. I jumped on one for an hour long trip around the lake. On the return trip I could see the clouds rolling in. The lake was beautiful, in such a delightful setting with snow covered Alps in the distance.


The weather soured in the afternoon, which saw the crowd numbers drop dramatically. Perfect for taking a few photos and taking time out for a relaxing drink waiting for it to clear.


A little more wandering filled my afternoon before heading back to the bus station. The weather was quite bad by that time so I was happy to be heading back to Lyon. And it was no better back in Lyon. I took my first taxi of the trip to get back to my apartment. Nearly three weeks in to my trip, I didn’t need a long walk in the dark and rain.


Two huge days out of Lyon behind me, ready for a sleep in.


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