Bakery Tour in Paris

Finally writing up my 2019 trip

On my first trip to Paris I ‘did’ all the big things so when planning this trip I could devote some time to my two favorite things, photography and food. I had three food experiences booked and the first one was on the first morning, in the Marais district.

It took place at a small boulangerie where a group of about 8 of us were taken through the incredibly small but efficient kitchens over several levels where an amazing assortment of breads, pastries and cakes were produced every day.

We had the opportunity to shape baguettes and croissants, see how the different cakes and pastries were made and taste quite a few as well. The kids on the tour were especially catered to with some hands on experiences.

Making pain au chocolat 😍

It was a great way to start my trip, I learned quite a bit about French bread and pastry making and we all got a few samples to take home so that was lunch sorted.

Which I needed because the day had only just started and I had so much more to do…

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