Arrival and a Quick Wander in Munich.

Then, I was finally there. Munich. Europe, my happy place.

It took, what seemed like, forever to get out of Munich airport, mainly because my bag was about the last one off a packed A380. I don’t remember much about the airport, by then I was on over tired autopilot; get luggage, find an ATM for cash, find the train to the city. I had been to Munich a few years ago so no new city nerves to deal with on my first night.

From memory it was simple to find the train, and soon I was on my way to the city, it had a stop at the station closest to my hotel so I didn’t even need to change trains.

My hotel was clearly aimed at a youngish demographic who want to feel like they are in a hostel but a few more luxuries. Called Buddy, it had check in via a machine in the lobby, that you accessed via a code emailed to you. The check in machine printed out your room key card after a few questions. The room was quite small but well equipped with lovely bathroom, comfortable and electronically adjustable bed, and even a coffee machine, that was wasted on me.


There was an upstairs space with food and drink machines and a display stocked each morning with pastries and fruit for a free breakfast on the run. It was located just on the edge of the old part of town, about equidistant from there and the main train station. Perfect for a brief stay for day tripping.


It was after 10pm when I finally arrived and after about 50 hours essentially awake I only had a quick wander down to the Hofbrauhaus area in me before I fell into bed. Some inspired travel planner had decided an early day trip the next day would be a good way to shake jet lag. It wasn’t feeling like such an inspired idea that night!

A glimpse at Munich by night.



I was staying three nights in Munich and both days had day trips out of the city planned. First day trip in my next post.

4 thoughts on “Arrival and a Quick Wander in Munich.

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  1. I have booked to stay at Buddy in November when I am in Munich. Were you happy with the hotel? I know you say it was basic but comfortable but I just wanted to see if you had any other tips 🙂

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    1. There isn’t a lot of floor space but the bed is great, better than most being adjustable and the bathroom excellent. It’s not a room you’d spend a lot of time relaxing in because the only place to sit is the bed, but who would do that in Munich anyway 😂 I’d happily stay there again.

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      1. Awesome thanks! I like the look of the place from the website and it looks like a good location. Plus, like you say, I am not planning on spending all day in the hotel!

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