Paris Day 2: Wine, Cheese and a Wander

Finally writing up my 2019 trip

Up bright and early again on my second full day in Paris.

I have probably already mentioned how much I love the Paris Metro, but it really is awesome. In no time I made it from my hotel in the 9th arrondissement to the area near the Eiffel Tower. After a quick breakfast at one of the ubiquitous cafes perfectly set up for people watching I wandered through the Champ de Mars towards the always impressive tower.

I climbed the tower in 2014 so I was really just here for some photos. It was early and the tower wasn’t open for climbing yet anyway so there weren’t many people around and it was a lovely peaceful wander. I probably spent about an hour wandering around the tower taking photos and just enjoying the fact that I wasn’t in any queue, and didn’t have anywhere I urgently needed to be.

Before I left the tower I had a little mission to complete. My daughter’s bestie loves Paris and I wanted to get her some nice souvenirs, so after finding free Wi-Fi and having a chat with her mum I left with a few gifts ready to surprise her with on my return. And nothing for my daughter. Mother of the year me 😂

My next destination was Musee Rodin but I was not time pressured so wandered along the Seine for a while before heading to the museum.

Musee Rodin houses the work of Rodin, of course, but is also a beautiful house with stunning gardens, and it was a glorious day.

My plan for the next few hours was something I was really looking forward to. A lunchtime Paris by Mouth wine and cheese pairing session in St Germain. The class took place above a wine shop. It was run by a delightful American woman. Her knowledge of French cheese making was very comprehensive. We sampled a wide range of cheeses, all paired with wines, there was even some chocolate thrown in too!

My organised events done I had the rest of the afternoon to wander. Being in St Germain and having fond memories of the Latin quarter I slowly headed in that direction, via a much more relaxed Pierre Herme for my mandatory macaron fix.

I hit several of my favorite places on my walk; St Sulpice, Luxembourg Gardens, and finally the Pantheon. All places I had been before, all places I delighted in seeing again. It is such a gorgeous part of Paris.

This was a pretty perfect day. Wine, cheese and a very pleasant walk in a very beautiful city.

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