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Well that is it from me for a while. I still have some old trips to catch up on blogging but for the next few months study beckons. I don’t think that property law would make for very interesting posts so I will spare you the pain.

All of the photos on my Europe 2018 posts are from my phone, a Samsung Galaxy S9. Over the next few months I will work through all the DSLR shots I took and I might make a post or two of those.

In the meantime, a few that I have done so far.

IMGP8867 copy
Zugspitze, Germany
IMGP9086 copy
Venice, Italy
Florence, Italy
IMGP9671-2 copy
Milan, Italy
IMGP9879-2 copy
Eguisheim, France
IMGP0133 copy
Gordes, France
IMGP0146 copy
Roussillon, France
IMGP0180 copy
Annecy, France

Cheers, thank you for the follows and for taking the time to read my posts.

Anne xx


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