Paris Day 4: Giverny

Finally writing up my 2019 trip

My last full day in Paris and my only real bucket list tourist hot spot thing of this trip. Giverny.

I love Monet, I visited the Musée de l’Orangerie in 2014 and marveled at the wrap around water lilies so this was the one thing I wanted to do this trip aside from wander and eat.

From memory it was a train, a bus and a walk to get there from Paris, on an over cast and at times drizzly day. Not that the weather stopped me, or anyone else it seems. This was the busiest place I had been to all trip and 4 nights of jetlagged sleep didn’t make for a tolerant me. So while I did love the beautiful gardens and house I was glad to escape them and wander the village as soon as I had seen all I wanted to.

In the village is the church where the remains of Monet lie.

Back in Paris I had time for a wander in the 9th before an early night to prepare for a big day of travel

Paris never disappoints. I hope I get to go back one day.

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