Delphi Archaeological Site and Museum

It is a quick stroll from the village to the museum and archaeological site along a road with spectacular views.



The museum at Delphi is, as you would expect, full of items that were found at the site. This was my first Greek museum and first ancient site and I found the history and my lack of knowledge of it quite overwhelming. I probably took in the significance of very little of it and am glad that I took photos of the descriptions to refresh the significance of the items. Of course people spend lifetimes studying Greek history so I am just grateful that I was able to scratch the surface.


The museum also had a diorama of the site as it once would have been. With the agora in the foreground, the Sacred way weaving throught it, the temple of Apollo in the centre and the theatre behind it.


By the time I ventured to the site it was probably after 5pm and the day trippers had all left. I only encountered one annoying tour group, presumably they were staying the night in town. They quickly reminded me why I hate tour groups! I spent the next three hours, until closing wandering through the main site and then a little further down the road to the Temple of Athena.

The site was quite magical, the views incredible. Whether or not you believe there was an oracle, you can picture this as the place they would have been. One thing that I did struggle with in Greece was to distinguish fact from myth. So many stories cross over and no one seems to care. It certainly adds to the richness of the history.

Roman Agora.


View from the Sacred Way.


Athenian Treasury.


More of the Sacred Way


Temple of Apollo. In the diorama above you can see the rows of columns, not many remain but they create a powerful image, especially with their outlook over the valley.


The Delphi theatre. With a special appearance from yours truly, and the annoying tour group in the distance.




Real cats of Delphi.


The Temple of Athena was a bit of a further walk away from the town. I met a lovely couple from the UK there who I sat and chatted to until we were pretty much asked to leave as they were closing up. So I didn’t take many photos but did learn a lot about their home away from home on Evia, Greece’s second largest island. Oh, for the semi retired expat life!


I was a tad weary wandering back to town after a good three hours of exploring ruins. Mother nature was kind as the sun went down and made me feel very welcome as I enjoyed my first Greek sunset.


And finally, as the perfect end to my first full day, a dinner of Greek sausage, at a table next to two more Australians!


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