A Final Few Hours in Delphi

Feeling somewhat accomplished that my first location had worked out as planned I woke up on day 3 with a few hours to fill before starting my bus journey to Meteora mid afternoon.  A walk, some photos and some shopping were in order. I had been given complimentary loukoumi at my hotel and loved it so I sought out some more of that. Loukoumi is the Greek version of Turkish delight. Which I presumed I wouldn’t like, but I was wrong, it was lovely. I found a great little shop owned by a man with whom I had an interesting conversation about the Greek financial crisis. And despite my intention to travel light walked out of with my second book purchase in Delphi.

Pre-breakfast wander through the village.


Breakfast, or as I like to call it, cheese pie time.


Hotel laundry, Delphi style.


A few more of my hotel and views across the valley


And it’s goodbye Delphi from him too!


A lot of my reading before I travelled suggested that the village of Delphi was a bit boring and missable, and many people choose to do this by doing the  archaeological site as a day trip from Athens. What I learned in Delphi is that I am not the sort of traveller that those comments are directed to. I loved how quiet it was in the evening. I loved the quiet little tavernas and shops where you could have a good conversation with the staff and it really set the tone for the rest of my trip. And probably for trips I plan in the future. I will be seeking out the smaller places.

Next post, Delphi to Meteora on public transport.

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