A Year Ago Today

… I started this blog.

Just over a week after my father passed away I was looking for an outlet, an escape. Having recently returned from Greece I decided to start writing about my travels. It proved to be very helpful and I now also have a fabulous collection of travel memories to look back on. These posts are my personal memories, if someone else finds them helpful, that is a bonus. Hopefully one day my kids will be able to look at these and understand me a little better, maybe even be inspired to visit some of the same places.

I’ll be back to blogging old trips in a few weeks. Till then, some of my favorite pics from this year.

IMGP0001 copy
Kaysersberg, France
IMGP0120 copy
Les Baux-de-Provence, France
IMGP0169 copy
Roussillon, France
IMGP0305 copy
Annecy, France
IMGP0317 copy
Annecy, France
IMGP0426 copy
Barcelona, Spain
IMGP0580 copy
Barcelona, Spain
IMGP0612 copy
Barcelona, Spain
IMGP8773 copy
Bamberg, Germany
IMGP8787 copy
Bamberg, Germany
IMGP8865 copy
Zugspitze, Germany
IMGP8954-2 copy
Bologna, Italy
IMGP8963 copy
Bologna, Italy
IMGP9004 copy
Venice, Italy
IMGP9031 copy
Venice, Italy
IMGP9062 copy
Venice, Italy
IMGP9086 copy
Venice, Italy
IMGP9146 copy
Bologna, Italy
IMGP9152 copy
Florence, Italy
IMGP9221 copy
Cortona, Italy
IMGP9260 copy
Arezzo, Italy
IMGP9299 copy
Florence, Italy
IMGP9394 copy
Florence, Italy
IMGP9450 copy
Manarola, Italy
IMGP9461 copy
Corniglia, Italy
IMGP9516 copy
Monterosso al Mare, Italy
IMGP9539 copy
Riomaggiore, Italy
IMGP9547 copy
Riomaggiore, Italy
IMGP9679 copy
Colmar, France
IMGP9707 copy
Colmar, France
IMGP9740 copy
Colmar, France
IMGP9869 copy
Eguisheim, France
IMGP9959 copy
Riquewihr, France
IMGP9996 copy
Kaysersberg, France




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