Krakow – Schindler Factory, Kazimierz and Final Evening

I visited Krakow in June 2016.

By my final day in Krakow my feet hated me. We had walked miles, I had blisters on my blisters and I needed to look after them a bit better. So we did what we should have a couple of days earlier and figured out how to use the public transport. Hence our trip to the Schindler factory was quite quick. We had a general idea where the factory was but not specific, however once we got off the tram we simply followed all the other people with backpacks along a few streets and we were there. Eating along the way some delicious raspberries we bought from a street stall.

The Schindler factory is not a museum about Oskar Schindler. It is a museum about the experience of Krakow in the war. So please don’t go there expecting it to be a glorified movie set.  It does have some photos of the people he saved in the windows and you do get a sense of the environment he created but there is nothing else specific to the story.

It does give a good understanding of what the city was like under German occupation with Jewish people forced into a Ghetto. Well worth a visit if World War II history is an interest.


Walking back towards town we made our way through the Kazimierz district to find some delicious food.


And coffee. They like coffee here.


And this is what we were looking for. Zapiekanki. We had seen this place yesterday when we got lost and had loved the look of the food.


Bread, meat, cheese, mustard. And a lollipop. Delicious.


After lunch we kept wandering towards the main square, planning a relaxing quiet drink before dinner.


Back at our favorite dessert place.


As we were about to leave a  cycling race started up in the square. Full on, full speed peloton flying around the square. Another drink please.


After a rest back in our apartment we decided to hit the square again for our last meal. After wandering and wandering and looking at menus, we realised we just wanted to go back to the small bar we had eaten at twice already.


Complete with regular at the bar and potato dishes. We found a father and son eating there that we had met there on our first night. We weren’t the only ones enchanted by the relaxed atmosphere.


A last look at the square.


Krakow was amazing. Beautiful, friendly, cheap, and packed with history.

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