A First Look at Prague

I visited Prague in June 2016. With my time in Krakow, and Poland, coming to an end it was time to farewell my travel buddy who was returning to Australia and get myself onto a bus to start my trip to Prague. I was travelling with Leo Express, a private Czech based company that runs... Continue Reading →

Krakow – Old Town and Castle

I visited Krakow in June 2016. When we got back to Krakow from Auschwitz we were quite exhausted but keen not to waste an evening and we really needed a lift after that full on day. So we cleaned ourselves up and headed back to the Old Town. Poland is known for its flavored vodkas... Continue Reading →

A Day at Auschwitz

I visited Krakow in June 2016. OK. Deep Breath. This was a tough day. I'm not going to include as many photos as usual out of respect. I read Elli as a teenager. From memory it was a year 12 book, which meant I read it several times and wrote essays about it. It stayed... Continue Reading →

First Night in Krakow

I visited Krakow in June 2016. Krakow was to be a different kind of trip for me. I wasn't alone. I met a friend there, from my hometown, who had been at a conference in Prague. We both had a keen interest in Holocaust history, having both read Elli as teenagers and when we realised... Continue Reading →

A Few Hours in Warsaw

I visited Warsaw in June 2016. After Berlin my next destination was Krakow, Poland. To get there involved taking a train to Warsaw and then another to Krakow. Not being someone to ignore an opportunity I booked my trains so as to have a 5 hour stop over in Warsaw. My research told me the... Continue Reading →

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