Welcome to my Travel Musings

Below was my original introduction to this blog. Since Greece in 2017 I have been back to Europe in May 2018 to visit Germany, Italy, France and Spain. In June 2019 I visited Paris and Italy, still working on writing those up. And I finished my law degree! I hope you enjoy the ride!

I love to travel. I have a busy life involving four amazing kids, law study, and I have recently lost my Dad so have added grief into the mix. I started travelling to recharge my batteries a few years ago and of course I am addicted. Europe is my current obsession. But it isn’t all about recharging batteries, I grow every time I travel. I experience new cultures, talk to everyone I can and more and more understand my tiny place in the world.

My most recent trip was to Greece in June this year so that is where I will start. I am using this as a bit of therapy at this stage, escaping while still at home. I miss my Dad.


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  1. Oh how lucky you have been to have a cutie Dad like him! I am looking forward to hearing about your adventures. And maybe I’ll share a bit about mine–who knows?


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