My Travelling Companion

I have already introduced this lovable camel but I should share his story.


I have to go back to Krakow in June 2016 when I bought my lovely son Tom a toy dragon, that we shall call Draggy. We’re good at names.


Draggy travelled with me from Krakow to Prague, to Salzburg, to Vienna and to Budapest. But not back to Australia. I left him in Budapest when I was tiredly packing up for the last time. He had already been made known to Tom and I felt awful when I realised that I didn’t have him.

This trip I was determined to bring home my travel companion. So I bought him in Dubai and asked my wise Facebook friends to name him. We are an indecisive lot and this unassuming young camel got lumbered with the rather weighty name of Cornelius Christos Posiedon. Cornelius for short.

Cornelius accompanied me on my trip and sent photos back to Tom from pretty much everywhere, however pretty much only from windowsills and protected ones at that for my fear of losing another travelling companion.

I am happy to report that Cornelius did indeed make it home and even happier to report that a replacement Draggy is on its way to Tom now compliments of a very generous friend who visited Krakow earlier in the year.


Expect to see Cornelius show his face from time to time as my trip continues.


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