My Final Day in Barcelona, and Europe

I had a 10pm flight home, so really another whole day to fill. Being in a hostel with luggage storage it was no difficulty to check out and just have them hold my luggage for the day while I was out and about. I had toyed with ideas of leaving the city for a day trip but I really couldn’t be bothered. I instead had a day of food and souvenir shopping. How much Iberico ham could I eat before I had to leave it all behind?!


I thought I had ticked off everything on my food list until I wandered in a different direction from my hostel and came across a street full of little places selling churros. Well that was breakfast sorted. I didn’t for a moment think that I would finish the cup of chocolate…



After some shopping I went back to La Boqueria for a final fix of my favorite snacks. Probably the place I will miss the most of all the cities I visited. Mind you, neither my wallet, or my waistline could really afford for me to stay!


The rest of the day was spent wandering, shopping for the kids, people watching, a late lunch back at the waterfront, a last stroll along La Rambla, and a little more shopping before collecting my luggage and heading to the airport bus. You were great Barcelona.


I will do a final post with a summary of the entire trip.

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