Paros Day 2: Antiparos and a Little More Paros

My plan for my second day on Paros was to leave it! Which actually turned into my plans for the next two days as well.

Antiparos is a smaller island just near Paros and known a bit as a celebrity hangout. A boat leaves Parikia frequently to take the short journey to Antiparos, alternatively a bus goes to Pounta which is the closest point on Paros to Antiparos and a much shorter sea trip leaves from there, this time on a car carrying vehicle. I took the boat from Parikia.


Antiparos is the name of the island as well as of the main village which is where the boat arrives. It is a pretty little harbour, with many boats that appeared to be more for leisure than fishing.


Antiparos is home to a cave, possibly Greece’s oldest. It is a short bus ride from the main village. I found breakfast while waiting for the bus to depart. I could have quite happily taken the bakery home with me. They made mini pastries, so I could try more than one.


The cave is old, deep and over the years has become quite damaged, because of course stalactites belong in Russian museums and not hidden deep in a cave. It is still quite spectacular. The bus driver told us what time he would be back, if I missed that bus there would be a long wait for another, so not knowing how deep the cave was I set a reasonable pace going down to give myself plenty of time to climb back up and meet my bus. So my pictures really start at the bottom. In the end, the time allocated was plenty. Being Greek, there was of course a church at the entrance.


The view from the cave entrance equally spectacular.


Cave climbing done, I headed back to the main village to indulge in some wandering and lunch. Lunch with cats.


The main village of Antiparos extends back to a beach on the other side of the island, with a Kastro to explore on the way. It seemed a good way to walk off lunch.


All that was left to do was make my way back to the harbourside, sit down for a drink and wait for a boat back to Paros. Walking back to the harbour, I noticed that the shops that were open earlier, were now closed. Parts of Greece do siesta too.


A final few pictures of the harbour area before the boat took me back to Paros. I was getting very used to spending time on the water.


I took some time when I returned to again just wander through the streets of Parikia, taking more photos. I returned to the monastery to get a good picture in better light.


Then it was a wander through the streets back to my hotel.


I found calamari for dinner that night, and another cat, or two.


My second day on Paros was another day full of new experiences and plenty of time to relax and take in views. I was really enjoying the slower pace.

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