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Some of my favorite travel research is done on the Food Network. A few weeks before I left for Greece they aired an Anthony Bourdain episode on Greece which was mostly filmed on Crete. The item that caught my attention was about a cafe in Chania that produced just one product, bougatsa. Surprise surprise, bougatsa is a cheese pastry. Hello! I’m there. After a good sleep I fired up google maps, found my destination and went walking. I only walked past it three times before I found what I had been looking for, Bougatsa Iordanis. The cafe is on a busy commercial street and I’m pretty sure I was the only tourist there. I ordered my cheese bougatsa (there was a sweet option too) and was instructed to sit down. It was brought over with a glass of water and heavily dusted with sugar. This place doesn’t even serve coffee, they really do just one product and do it well. Mission accomplished.


I spent the rest of the morning exploring parts of the old town I hadn’t had time to see the day before. Which turned out to be a lot of it.


I ended my morning by returning to the old harbour for lunch.


In the afternoon I took a regional bus inland to the village of Vamos for an evening cooking class.

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