A Day Exploring Chania

Crete is the largest island in Greece. It has two large cities with ports, Iraklio (or Heraklion), and Chania. I chose to travel to Chania because I had read how beautiful the city was, but also because of its proximity to the Samaria Gorge, a hike I planned to do. Chania is often described as... Continue Reading →

Overnight Ferry to Crete

Still day 5 and I feel like I have done so much and covered so much ground already. Now it was time to leave the mainland for a couple of weeks. First leg was a five hour bus trip from Kalambaka to Athens, then once back in Athens a train straight to Piraeus, the largest... Continue Reading →

Kastraki and Kalambaka

Well Meteora is awesome and spectacular and you could be excused for ignoring the villages below. But you would be missing out! I have deliberately made this a separate post because I didn't want the charm of the villages to be lost among all that amazing stuff. Kalambaka is the largest of the two villages... Continue Reading →


Meteora is in Central Greece overlooking the villages of Kastraki and Kalambaka. The area is full of amazing rock formations made even more amazing by the monasteries that have been built atop them. Many are in ruins now but six are still inhabited and open to the public. At least one more is still inhabited... Continue Reading →

A Final Few Hours in Delphi

Feeling somewhat accomplished that my first location had worked out as planned I woke up on day 3 with a few hours to fill before starting my bus journey to Meteora mid afternoon.  A walk, some photos and some shopping were in order. I had been given complimentary loukoumi at my hotel and loved it... Continue Reading →

Delphi Village

Bright and early day 2 and a taxi picked me up at my hotel to take me to the Liossion bus station. Athens has 2 bus stations, one generally serving the the area to the north and one the area to the west of Athens. Both are outside of the main tourist areas and both... Continue Reading →

My Travelling Companion

I have already introduced this lovable camel but I should share his story. I have to go back to Krakow in June 2016 when I bought my lovely son Tom a toy dragon, that we shall call Draggy. We're good at names. Draggy travelled with me from Krakow to Prague, to Salzburg, to Vienna and... Continue Reading →

Overnight in Athens

I arrived in Athens 28 1/2 hours after leaving Melbourne, and about 45 hours after last sleeping in a bed. After customs, luggage retrieval and a train trip, about an hour and a half later still I made it into my hotel room, ready to crash and get some real sleep. Rubbish! I was in... Continue Reading →

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