A last word on Greece

A few people have asked me about my trip and I have directed them here so I'd though I'd add a one pager summary for those who don't want to wade through dozens of pages and hundreds of photos. My trip involved 23 nights on the ground in Greece. Day 1 Arrived in the evening... Continue Reading →

Kastraki and Kalambaka

Well Meteora is awesome and spectacular and you could be excused for ignoring the villages below. But you would be missing out! I have deliberately made this a separate post because I didn't want the charm of the villages to be lost among all that amazing stuff. Kalambaka is the largest of the two villages... Continue Reading →


Meteora is in Central Greece overlooking the villages of Kastraki and Kalambaka. The area is full of amazing rock formations made even more amazing by the monasteries that have been built atop them. Many are in ruins now but six are still inhabited and open to the public. At least one more is still inhabited... Continue Reading →

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