Ostuni: A first look

Finally writing up my trip in 2019 It is about 8 hours by train from Bologna to Ostuni. So a rest day to watch the world go by. A lot of it was by the coast and quite glorious. Ostuni is a hilltop town, its train station at the bottom but a quick taxi ride... Continue Reading →

Two nights in Bologna

Finally writing up my trip from 2019 Paris done and dusted. Now an early start, a station pastry and a long day of train travel. The rest of my trip is to Southern Italy, but since I don't fly mid trip, a stop in Bologna made perfect sense. I was in Bologna in 2018 and... Continue Reading →

A Day of Food in Emilia Romagna

This day was epic. No matter how many times I rewrote my trip plan, one thing was a constant, this day trip from Bologna. I had come across it on TripAdvisor when looking for food experiences and had been impressed by the consistently glowing reviews. Cheese and prosciutto are also two of my favorite things... Continue Reading →

A Day Trip to Venice from Bologna

Bologna is perfectly positioned for day trips, not far from either Venice or Florence and surrounded by the wonderful smaller towns of the Emilia Romagna region. I could have gone to so many different places but I had an itch that just needed scratching. Four years ago I spent two nights in Venice during my... Continue Reading →

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