Berlin Day 3

I visited Berlin in June 2016. My third day was another big day. On my list of things I wanted to see was the Haus der Wannsee-Konferenz. It was the location for the meeting where the leaders of Germany confirmed the 'final solution', the plan to exterminate the Jewish race. I had watched the movie... Continue Reading →

Berlin Day 2

I visited Berlin in June 2016. I woke early day 2 and decided to revisit many of the sites I had walked past the night before, this time in friendlier light with less crowds to get some better photos. Brandenburg Gate. Holocaust Memorial. Hitler's bunker. Gendarmenmarkt. Reflections in the Spree. Berliner Dom. St Marienkirche and... Continue Reading →

Berlin Day 1

I visited Berlin in June 2016. Berlin has the most interesting history, both World War II and Cold War. I had read a lot before I visited and had a few things I definitely wanted to tick off. With only three nights I bypassed a lot of the main sites and focused on my particular... Continue Reading →

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